Tray Sealer Tooling & Design Services

Design, manfacture, test.  Medical device trays, Pharmaceutical Blisters & Cards, Syringe Trays.  Tooling nests and sealing platens.

Atlas Vac Tooling Nests

The Atlas Vac Machine line of tray sealers represent the top of the line in the industry. Most packaging engineers know the quality and forethought put into tooling installed on each sealer is equally as important.

Atlas Vac tool designers understand the tolerances and clearances for superior performance when aligning thermoformed trays and lid stocks made of Tyvek or other materials.  These dimensions are critical for successful validation.

Whether it is a single piece CNC machined plate or a lightweight deep tray tool, Atlas Vac understands the tooling design requirements of pharmaceutical, orthopedic and medical device packaging engineers.

Rigidity, component fit, coatings and dimensional accuracy are critical to long-term production of flawless package seals. Using a less expensive die-cut flat gasket adhered to the tool was standard practice for many sealer manufacturers. Atlas Vac led the industry in providing the molded profile FDA silicone gasket system that confirms the old adage---"you get what you pay for". The molded gasket profile locks into the mating tooling plate groove without adhesives or fasteners. Changing a worn or damaged gasket on the Atlas Vac machine takes minutes instead of the typical hours for the cheaper flat design that requires removing the tool and scraping off the adhesives and gasket. The dimensional stability of the molded gasket is unsurpassed.

Atlas Vac has produced simple tooling nests as well as complicated designs requiring "island" supports in the midst of the cavity. Using our customer's tray drawing and/or sample tray, we produce a 3D CAD file for accurate CNC machining where we hold precise tolerances of flatness and parallelism.

Atlas Vac spring pins are know throughout the medical device packaging industry for not damaging sealing platens in years of use.  These pins are only made available to Atlas Vac tooling customers.

Yes, Atlas Vac will modify tooling or create retrofit tooling systems for non-Atlas Vac sealers too (ex Alloyd, Belco). We require your old tool or tool drawing, a package drawing and/or sample materials typically required to design and precision machine your tool.

Sealing Platens

Typically a relieved platen is used when product inside the tray is pressing up against the lid causing unintentional product adhesion to the lid.  Otherwise, the only contact the platen has is with the supported flange gasket landing zone.  Relieving the other sections of the platen does absolutely nothing for seal quality or down force because there is no contact in those areas either way.  Another consideration is where temperature calibration is disturbed each time you change a platen and therefore the surface temp should be confirmed.  Additionally, a flat platen is the most even thermodynamic surface when compared with platens that are cut up into profiles that enhance cooling.  Thermal imaging can be utilized to confirm that issue.

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Sample tools

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