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Tooling; Flat & Perpendicular. Simply the best for Medical Tray Sealers!


Tooling nests CNC machined by Atlas Vac

Precision machined tooling is available from Atlas Vac for most brands and models of tray sealers in short lead times. Whether it is a single piece CNC machined plate or a lightweight deep tray tool, Atlas Vac understands the tooling design requirements of pharmaceutical, orthopedic and medical device packaging engineers.

Atlas Vac sealer designs are based on the good engineering practice where a precision machined surface plate is the foundation on which to position the CNC machined tooling nest to seal a tray package. At no time during the sealing process should the product or tooling move up and down (unlike some other competitor's sealers).

Our tooling does not flex under load and is made to be flat and perpendicular to very tight tolerances. Molded silicone press in place "T" gaskets or the traditional die cut sheet gaskets are available as well as a wide variety of spring pins.

■ Design and CNC machining; tools and service
■ RFID Tool Recognition for tooling communication to sealer
■ Atlas Vac tools, for Alloyd sealers, with new patented features

Spring Pins

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness"  -Oscar Wilde
Plastic spring pins have been a hallmark of Atlas Vac tooling since 2001 as a means of providing excellent tyvek alignment performance while greatly reducing wear on tray sealer sealing platens.  When compared with "traditional" metal spring pins our part Atlas Vac number 81-02-99-2 is a great value.  You may not care that your platen coating or base material is worn with a divot caused by a metal spring pin until you run a different tray shape that happens to have a flange surface landing right on one of these damaged spots.  All Atlas Vac tooling nests are provided with our standard plastic spring pins and are available only to purchasers of Atlas Vac tray sealers.
Sixteen years after Atlas Vac began using gentle plastic spring pins, competitors in our industry have started to offer their own plastic spring pins.  What took them so long?
Innovation is an attribute inherent with Atlas Vac equipment.

Auto Eject Tooling

Auto Eject tooling video (click here).

Atlas Vac Machine Tooling Samples

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