Warranty; Terms & Conditions

Warranty Policy Summary

Atlas Vac warrants the equipment against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months from startup or 18 months from shipment, whichever is shorter.  All other terms of warranty are per attached "Terms and Condition of Sale/Service" attached to the quote or found on the Atlas Vac website.  All warrantees are voided if customer fails to adequately maintain the Atlas Vac equipment or fails to make final payment for the full amount of the equipment order.  Failure to pay for equipment and/or services per the terms of the Atlas Vac quotation will result in suspension of warranty on new equipment or tooling until such time as the customer’s account is made current. All warranties and/or AV product support is voided if non-AV approved modifications are made to the PLC program, operator screen program or any safety system or safety component. Electronic components can only be warranted under the terms of that manufacturer's warranty time period.  Atlas Vac does not accept any consequential damages for lost time or production.  All transport fees are the responsibility of the customer. Insurance is the responsibility of the customer. 

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