Atlas Vac Factory Original Spare Parts

Call us, email or fax with your s/n for spare parts support. The most popular common parts are listed below for quick reference.

Parts from the factory

Atlas Vac Machine has historically listed OEM component numbers in the equipment service manual to enable our customers to procure spare parts on a local basis.  Of course, these parts can also be obtained through the Atlas Vac factory.  All other part numbers listed in the manual are available directly from Atlas Vac Machine.  Our parts are priced FOB Cincinnati and we typically ship UPS or FedEx with availability of other serviced as well.  All parts come with a full 1-year warranty or as provided by the OEM supplier if not a part manufactured by Atlas Vac.

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We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover Card and American Express for those urgent orders that cannot wait for a PO to be processed.




Quick Reference; Popular Part Numbers

Actuator for press, Model 15:22 and 18:30, high temp   81-03-13-4

Spring pin for tooling nest:  81-02-99-2  

Sealing Platen, coated; Model 18:30: 61-45-20-1G  

Sealing Platen, coated; Model 15:22:  61-46-68-3

Sealing Platen, coated, Model 15:1861-47-19-1

Timer Instrument, Calibration 24vdc, BNC connect w/cable, w/certs:   AV-ELE2005-TIMER

Calibration Adapter Kit. Incl: Timer leads for external BNC, PSI port plugin, individual Thermocouple connector (2011 and later) w/cable for pluging to typical Fluke Temperature meter   AV-Calibration Adapter Kit

Thermocouple Heat Sink Compound, 1 oz tube  52050