RFID Tool ID System


RFID Tool ID System; over 25 years in use

The Atlas Vac Tool ID (RFID) System, the first in the medical device industry over 25 years ago, enables the packaging engineer to imprint each tool with a distinct recipe identity. It is therefore matched to the correct PW protected validated recipe. 

This imprint, as well as overwriting capability, is password protected on the Atlas Vac sealer. The operator using these tools must select the correct recipe, as demanded by the RFID equipped tool, or the sealer will not cycle.

For those packaging rooms where several products interesect at one medical device tray sealer, this enhances productivity where the operator can be empowered to flawlessly make several tooling and product changeovers throughout the day without requiring the assistance of a supervisor and/or password.  This is an option on all Atlas Vac sealers since some customers do not need this feature due to single product use on a dedicated sealer.

Note:  For those customers wishing to match a tool to a recipe and a third item such as a traveler document, our UDI feature available on the recipe screen can match a tool barcode to the recipe as well as the documentation.  Such barcode matching capability is standard on all Atlas Vac sealers.