Direct Force Sensing (optional)


What are you really measuring?

Measure "down force in lb-F" not just air pressure...only with Atlas Vac. No other medical device tray sealer on the market can directly measure the force exerted by the sealing platen.  You validate time and temperature but why are you validating supplied air pressure instead of the actual Force against the seal tool?


Are you still only measuring air pressure?

Force. How accurately can you measure it with your tray sealer?


Shouldn’t you be measuring the output force of the platen?
Now packaging engineers can refine their validation efforts by starting with the lb-F needed to seal a known flange surface area.
Only Atlas Vac Machine offers the correct instrumentation to measure the “down force” or “lb-F” output of the tray sealer. Our patented Direct Force Sensing option is available on all our models.


Direct Force Sensing System (patented) provides a reading of the force (lbs.-force) exerted by the tray sealer press against the seal tooling on every stroke. Results from adjustments in press air pressure can be directly read on the PLC operator screen.  By knowing the lbs-f exerted across the tray sealing tool face, packaging engineers can more closely monitor design variables. Defining the desired lbs-f in a tray sealing protocol can accommodate variations in air pressure, brands or models of tray sealers, and even tooling designs.  Variations between sealers, packaging lines and even multiple manufacturing sites can be harmonized by "dialing in" to the defined Force.

Air pressure is the input. Force is the output!

Are you measuring the input air pressure on your tray sealer? Why?