Air Pressure; Manual vs. Automatic

Two ways to set air pressure.  Always in control by high & low limit alarms. 


Air Pressure Control; Manual vs. Automatic

Manual Air Regulation (standard)

Air pressure is set by a precision manual regulator and displayed on the PLC screen through a pressure transducer signal.  This same screen is where the high & low pressure limits are set by password enabled input to control the process through the validated protocol. Pressure setting is maintained at all times by the manual regulator.  Alarms prevent operation outside the limits.


Auto Air Pressure Regulation (optional)

Atlas Vac offers a Process Control option where the air pressure setting is entered directly on the same PLC screen as the high & low pressure limits.  This provides a "cruise control" feature where the PLC electronically maintains the air pressure to this digital setting.  This closed loop system provides accurate psi (or bar) readings on the screen as well as the ability to set the nominal setting on the set-up screen.  The operator can adjust pressure settings only between the locked limits.  Alarms prevent operation outside the pre-set high or low limits.