Retrofit for UDI, Data Printing & Audit Trail

Extend the service life of your Atlas Vac tray sealer!

Data Captured

Standard Dynamic Data per stroke:

   Time, Temp, Pressure of seal

   Date, Time, Odometer

   Recipe ID

   Product ID

   Lot #



Access & Data Logging per event:

   Operator ID sign-on, PW enabled

   Supv/Eng ID sign-on. PW enabled

   Calibration ID sign-on, PW enabled

   ID change tracking

   Recipe change tracking

   Alarm tracking

   Calibration tracking


Access Details (click here)

Data Details (click here)



Retrofit for UDI, Data, Printing & Audit Trail on Tray Sealers

With the installation of our new 10" color touch screen, many of our existing standard Atlas Vac tray sealers can be upgraded to include the newest features for UDI input, Bar Code scanning, Data Logging, Access and Connectivity. Upgrading your capital equipment at a fraction of new may be the solution needed.

Each of these data and access features are now standard factory installed with our 10" color touch screen and are available for retrofit.

A retrofit is typically executed without changes to the PLC program therefore making validation simpler as the only change involves the input/readout device...your screen. 

Retrofit to select existing sealers (s/n verification required) can be accomplished.  Contact us with your s/n.  

Better process replication, tighter controls and immediate notification when something is not right.  Backwards compatibility too. This is the Atlas Vac way of doing business.

No PC's

Data Acquisition & Logging as well as barcode scanning and touch screen inputs accomplished without a troublesome PC and its related software updates and validation issues.