Access: Personnel Levels, PW's & Networking

Standard Levels and new features


Remote Access & Connections

Access to data can be obtained via selected protocols.  The first decision is  to connect via an Ethernet cable to your internal network or wirelessly to a local internal wireless router?  Once your Atlas Vac sealer is connected, the HMI can be viewed remotely from a supervisor’s station, and retrieve the data files for analysis via FTP.  When something is not right, your Atlas Vac sealer can immediately notify someone via email, or by text message.   

If you want your Atlas Vac sealer to remain off your network, or your wifi, you can always retrieve your data manually via an USB data Drive via the standard Graceport on each machine.  

Remote Support – When you contact Atlas Vac for support, sending us your Sealing or Dynamic  Data, Audit and Alarms logs will assist us with valuable insight and enable us to get you back on track quickly.  


Personnel Access

Security Access Levels - Security is always a key factor. In our previous models we provide just two higher users that related to key functions.  Within the programming of our new 10” color HMI is a fully functional security system. We provide you with four levels: Operator, Supervisor/Engineer, Calibration and Administrator.   

The "Operator" level is for production people using the machines each day. Each person that uses a machine should have a unique user ID so that their individual information will appear in the Stoke Data file, and the Audit Trail data file.  In previous years, Operators were not normally required to sign-on but with need for audit traceability, the Operator can be now included in the output data. 

The "Supervisors/Engineers" will still higher level access for adding, changing, and deleting recipes.  This level has been standard for many years.     

The "Calibration" level will have unique access to the system channels for calibration per Atlas Vac procedures. This Calibration level has been a standard feature for many years.                                    

As an "Administrator", you can access the integrated Security program. You will be able to add, edit and delete people and assign them to their levels (operator, supervisor/engineer, calibration).