Standard Features for Packaging Professionals.

Even our standard features provide what is required by packaging engineers. Our most basic Atlas Vac medical tray sealers provide more than other brands.  This is why they perform for many years to come vs cheap entry level equipment.

Data Logging & Audit Trail

New capabilities built in with a 10" color touch screen. Customize your data retention format. Automatically track all recipe edits & calibration events.  Output sealing data to labels. See our UDI webpage for details.

Also see PackExpo video screen demo (click here).

Design Standards

Of course your unit can be configured to a wide variety of voltages and phasing.

Additionally, Atlas Vac can build your unit to meet CE, CSA, ESA, UL location specific requirements.

All new Atlas Vac models conform to NEC and OSHA design requirements.

If you have an older Atlas Vac unit, a factory refurbishment can bring the unit up to current standards.  Please inquire.

Issues to consider.


Medical Tray Sealer features & options to meet your needs; more than any other brand. There is a reason why other brands are cheaper....they have fewer standard features


  • Mitsubishi PLC controls w/Beijer 10" color touch screen, standard
  • Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC, optional
  • UDI and other data input by barcode, standard.
  • UDI data logging, standard (click here)
  • UDI data printer output, standard (click here)
  • Manual Shuttle, standard  (click here)
  • Automatic Electric Shuttle, optional  (click here)
  • Auto Eject tray lifting system, optional (click here)
  • Stainless 1" shuttle rods w/smooth linear bearings, standard 
  • Manual Pressure Regulator, standard  (click here)
  • Process Control for automatic pressure regulation by PLC, optional (click here)
  • PLC Temperature and Pressure max/min alarms, incl overtemp shut off, standard
  • Redundant over temperature safety control circuit, standard
  • Precision dual lead special limits grade thermocouples w/calibration connector, standard
  • PLC Timer calibration connector, standard
  • Infared Platen Temperature Sensing (patented), optional
  • Heavy weight platen heater for sufficient mass to hold temperature, standard
  • Dupont Teflon coated flat seal platen, standard (click here)
  • Profiled platen, available by design request, optional
  • Force Sensing (patented) optional  (click here)
  • Tool RFID System matching tools to recipie, optional  (click here)
  • Heavy powder coated welded framework with stationary flat base for perpendicular tool alignment, standard
  • Stainless Steel welded framework, optional
  • Category 3 Light Curtain System, optional (click here)
  • WiFi connectivity, optional

Medical Tray Sealer Options; Add Features Your Process Needs!

Flexibilty allows us to meet your needs. We have Options to configure for your needs. To learm more Click Here to read details.