Guarding Category 3 (optional)



Category 3 Guarding

Interlocking guards; Category 3. The normal stationary guards and the Banner Optitouch meet OSHA, NEC and other requirements. It has also met CE requirements in some EU countries. The interlocking Category 3 guards are designed to meet those corporate standards where a "zero access" requirement is cited. Operationally, the product and tray materials are loaded in the tool, the guard is closed (locking a pair of A-B guard switches), the operator presses the green start button and the electric auto shuttle cycles into position, seals, releases, returns to the home position, and the operator opens the guard to remove the sealed trays. Requires the Auto Shuttle & Auto Pressure options. Standard single channel pneumatic control valves are replaced by dual channel Ross safety rated pneumatic control valve system. Auto Pressure regulation is still provided by standard Festo system.  Cannot be ordered with the stainless steel shelving option.