Auto Tray Ejection System (optional)

Atlas Vac offers a tooling Auto Eject System (optional) for gentle automatic ejection lift of sealed trays.


Auto Eject System

Atlas Vac offers an Auto Eject System (optional) for gentle automatic lift ejection of sealed trays as the Auto Shuttle System (option required) returns the completed packaging and tooling to the home position.

No hardware, no claptrap, no repetitive motion issues for operators.

The eject timing can be adjusted from 1-10 seconds hold duration.  This option has a pneumatic system built into the tray sealer and requires matching Atlas Vac tooling. Yes, you can still run your older tooling without the lift system.

A manual eject command is also included.  Retrofits can be provided on select Atlas Vac medical device tray sealers and tooling sets.  Please provide us with your Atlas Vac s/n and tooling assembly part number.

Auto Eject System Demo

Auto Shuttle with Auto Eject of trays, test video, auto and manual operation featured  (click here)