NEW! Model 1830S ALL ELECTRIC Medical Device Tray Sealer

Large powerful heavy cross section Model 18:30 heater platen driven by Atlas Vac new all electric press drive system.   10,000 lb-f capacity with the highest accuracy in the industry, precise repeatability cycle to cycle.  Reduced annual operating costs with no compressed air required.





Model 1830S ALL ELECTRIC Tray Sealer



  • Heat Sealing Area - 18 in. X 30 in.  (45.7cm x 76.2cm). Other sizes on request.
  • Tool height opening 4.5”max; others on request
  • Servo driven press assembly
  • Auto Shuttle System; electrically operated dual shuttles for extremely smooth cycle, single speed with gentle acceleration and deceleration of shuttles.  Interlocked with light curtains for safe platen operation.  Includes stainless steel side guards over the shuttle shafts & non-lube linear bearings.
  • Emergency stops (2), Banner; red-yellow.  
  • Single push button (1) cycle start; green.
  • Light curtain horizontally oriented across protected tool loading area. Class 3 OSHA compliant with separate safety circuitry.  Light curtain system integrated to press servo drive and electric shuttle motion circuit for operator access safety. Any light curtain violation will require the cycle to re-home and start over. Eliminates the standard Optitouch hand sensors and is replaced by single green push button to initiate the entire cycle. 
  • Heating Elements - 480v (only), Flat 1” heat plate w/internal heaters, 6000W
  • Seal Platen – precision machined Aluminum, Dupont Teflon Silverstone coating is included
  • Electrical Requirements - 480v, 3ph required
  • Sealing Force adjustable to 10,000+ pounds, Servo driven press with accurate repeatability.
  • Precision stationary nickel plated steel surface base plate for correct rigid support of tooling & shuttles
  • Floor Space – 45”W x 75”L (114cm x 190cm); no wasted space compared to carrousels
  • Machine mounted non-mar casters w/height adjustment
  • Rigid welded 3/16” steel tubular framework w/special powder coat paint; White standard. NEMA 12 enclosure.
  • Quick change lift off tooling shuttles to provide versatility and productivity; includes SS locator pins for tooling plates.  Includes extra shuttle plate mounting holes to fit standard AV 15:18 tooling (2) on each shuttle as well as our standard 18:30 tooling. Clear anodized surfaces.
  • Weight - 1690 pounds, built to be rugged, durable (not made of angle and sheet metal), check the weight/sq. in. of seal area on other brands.



  • Mitsubishi PLC system for process management
  • B&R Servo Drive system, Safety Rated servo controller
  • Redundant automatic over-temperature safety cutoff control circuit, Factory Mutual approved temperature controller.
  • Electronic process monitoring with temperature & force fail-safe alarms for parameter recipe settings, PW protected.
  • Four (4) dual lead special grade thermocouples for control feedback & accurate individual temperature displays on OIT while providing signals to calibration ports for simultaneous reading.
  • Individual thermocouple calibration connectors (4).  On screen calibration of each (4) thermocouples raw values.
  • Timer calibration connector (1)
  • Alarm screen details and alarm warning LED’s on OIT.  Alarm screen history (20 lines).
  • Alarm light, multi-color, Banner brand.
  • On-screen calibration of Temperature and Force circuits.
  • Eye level controls including HMI/OIT screen, reset(s) and others.
  • Stainless steel shelving at operator eye level for convenient staging of packaging materials
  • English units of measure readouts
  • Password protection capable


 Owner’s manual (1 copy) with operation instructions, maintenance information, recommended spares list, schematics, Atlas Vac calibration document and Atlas Vac PLC programs on CD ROM.  Sealer is ready for operation upon connection to electric power.  Any additional FAT, or other documents and procedures, may require additional charge based on scope and hours needed to complete.

Tooling nests not included, quoted separately.



1.      Stainless steel framework, welded 3/16” rectangular tubing, includes stainless steel controls cabinets (2), bridge, bridge supports and other guarding if not already SS on standard configuration (special option, add 2 weeks).