Atlas Vac Machine, #1 Medical Tray & Blister Heat Sealers for Clean Room Packaging

Medical Device Tray Sealing; Core Competency of Atlas Vac Machine






Atlas Vac Machine Medical Tray Sealer Models

For over 50 years, the Atlas Vac Machine has been a well-recognized manufacturing name in tray sealers, blister sealers, discrete product handling & packaging equipment and process automation for medical device, pharmaceutical and hygienic consumer product applications.  Many Atlas Vac models, still performing many decades after installation, have proved our innovative engineering reputation for simplicity, precision and no shortcuts.  In addition to the available options listed below for the configuration of your unit, Atlas Vac can customize a sealer to suit your needs.

What sets us apart from our competitors is the Atlas Vac reputation for building production duty equipment….not laboratory tools.  This equipment is your capital investment capable of performing for decades.  Perhaps this is why there are so many other sealer brands on the used equipment market while Atlas Vac sealers remain in use around the world.  And of course, our equipment meets the safety standards in your market (CE, UL, ISO, etc) and is validatable for the needs of medical device packaging engineers.

Additionally, Atlas Vac is not a distributor of films or packaging materials and therefore does not offer inexpensive machines as a "loss leader" to win clients on the sale of consumable materials.  Working with your packaging and process engineers, as well as your selected external materials suppliers and design consultants, Atlas Vac provides the best possible equipment to be coupled with your final package selection to optimize the end result.  Equipment design is our core competency, not selling packaging materials.  Your final product is packaged on this equipment and tooling…selecting a "give-away" machine is not a smart long-term strategy.  You don't have time to do it over so start with the best equipment!

Read on!  Remember, our model names are derived from the platen size.  A Model 1518 has a sealing platen of 15" x 18".  From there, you may configure a sealer with features as needed.