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Medical Device Tray or Blister Sealers

Because you don't have time to validate your medical device tray sealer more than once!

PLC Controls

Industrial grade PLC's only, not basic separate channel controllers or a PC with inherent software issues. Simple logic coding without the worries of continual operating system updates, viruses and hard drive failures. Validation protocols, recipes, passwords, operator screens, alarms, data acquisition and other tools of the trade are available in standard or custom formats on Atlas Vac units. Additionally, CE or ESA certification is available as an order option on all Atlas Vac units for export markets. See our networking and WiFi options to link data acquisition UDI records. click here

Codes, Safety & Shortcuts

Controls & wiring are always in a NEMA rated electrical enclosure with a rated tagout/lockout main power disconnect.  Some brands skip this feature.  Some simply hang the electrical system on the under or inner guard surfaces of the sealer. Cheaper but a liability for the owner.

Pneumatics are always fed by a rated tagout/lockout supply valve interconnected to the E-Stop safety circuit.  Some brands skip this feature.  Cheaper but a liability for the owner.

Wiring terminals and other power circuits in the sealer controls must be finger safe per the various NEC, UL, CE specs. 

Properly rated safety control components are used on all Atlas Vac safety circuits. No shortcuts. 



Atlas Vac units are heavier, on a per square inch of seal platen area, than any other medical sealer. Structural integrity and rigidity is key to good sealing. From the 1” linear bearing rods to the rock solid framework, stationary components remain aligned and moving parts glide smoothly over many years of use.  Now our powder coating on our frames and other structural members provides a clean and cost effective surface that will hold up for years along with our standard stainless steel guards and operator contact surfaces.

Heat Platen

All Atlas Vac units have a heavy heater section and Silverstone coated seal platen of more than sufficient mass to distribute the thermal energy evenly without hot spots or wide fluctuations in surface temperature even under high package cycling. Just as mechanical engineering principles governing a flywheel or pressure reservoir, the engineering laws of thermodynamics require mass to avoid heat fluctuations across a platen surface under a wide range of demanding conditions. Some other brands of sealers have too much watt density for too little mass to obtain even heating under all conditions.  They try to compensate with large quantities of  thermocouples and esoteric controls.  With sufficient mass, this is not needed and increases reliability through simplicity. The Laws of Physics are most reliable. Atlas Vac units demonstrate extremely even heating surface temperatures.


Medical Device Tray Sealers by Atlas Vac

Equipment that performs.  Repeatable, reliable, seal after seal for years.  Atlas Vac Machine has been producing tray and blister sealers solely for the medical device and pharmaceutical market longer than any other manufacturer.  You will not find commercial packaging equipment here.

Our engineers listen.  The standard as well as optional features found on Atlas Vac sealers come from user community input.  To deliver the best tray sealer for medical packaging professionals, we seek feedback on how equipment is used in the clean room. 

Atlas Vac sealers are built from heavy structural components supporting a surface plate.  Perpendicular allignment of the press and precision machined CNC tooling nests are the foundation of a superior sealer design.  Validation of the packaging process is made simpler when starting with better equipment.