Indexing Sealers; High Production Tray Sealing

Seal trays & blisters in a high speed, high volume output for a fraction of the cost of expensive form-fill-seal systems.  Take your tray package to the next production level quickly. Prefilled syringes sytems and pharmaceutical cards are a specialty.

Model R12 Thermoformer; small for prototyping

Syringe & Ampule Packaging


Video of Indexing Sealers

Pharmaceutical Blister Packs & Cards

Atlas Vac 1830 Indexing Sealer System


  • Heat Sealing Area - up to 18 in. x 30 in. (45.7cm x 76.2cm)
  • Automatically indexing seal tool plates cycling up to 18 cycles/min depending on package sealing characteristics    (ex. 3.5 sealing time = approx 11cpm)
  •  Number of tooling plates- 18 to 38 depending on number of stations
  • Quick change lift off tooling receivers on SS chain to provide versatility and productivity
  • Heating Elements – 220/240v or 480v, Flat 1" heat plate w/internal heaters
  •  Seal Platen - precision machined Aluminum, Dupont Teflon Silverstone coating is included
  • Electrical Requirements - 220/240V or 480v, 3 ph
  • Servo drive indexing conveyor for precise location of tool nests
  • Remote floor mount controls cabinet, NEMA 12
  • Timer, Temperature and Speed Control - Digital set and read out
  • Sealing Pressure - up to 10,000 pounds at 100 PSI
  • Air reservoir included; 4.7 gallon ASME rated; includes ASME pressure relief safety valve
  • Air Dump Safety valve, OSHA approved.
  • Vacuum pump and required manifolds; for (optional) modular Atlas Vac card and blister feeders
  • Floor Space - 36 in width (+ guarding) x length based on modular loading stations needed resulting in no wasted space compared to carrousel models
  • Mounted on leveling pads with height adjustment
  • Rigid welded 3/16" steel tubular framework w/powder coating; White standard
  • Weight - depends on length; rugged, durable.
  • Keyence light curtain safety system; at feeder attachments, sealing station and discharge.
  • Banner safety controller integrated to light curtain and all motion functions
  • Emergency stops, multiple locations.
  • Sealer is ready for operation upon connection to air and electric power.
  • Mitsubishi PLC and Beijer color touch screen.  Option: AB Compact Logix PLC and Panelview 700 Plus
  • Redundant automatic over temperature safety cutoff control circuit, Factory Mutual approved controller
  • Electronic process monitoring with temperature & air pressure sensor fail-safe alarms for parameter recipe settings, PW protected.
  • Four (4) dual lead special grade thermocouples for control feedback & accurate individual temperature displays on OIT while providing signals to calibration ports for simultaneous reading.
  • Alarm screen details and alarm warning LED’s on OIT.  Alarm screen history.
  • Pressure regulation w/precision manual adjustment & liquid filled precision gauge.
  • Pressure validation port for easy calibration gage connection to pressure circuit. On-screen calibration of pressure circuit.
  • Individual thermocouple calibration connectors (4).  On screen calibration of each (4) thermocouples.
  • Timer calibration connector (1)
  • Eye level controls including PLC screen, reset(s) and others.
  • Tri-color warning light.
  • English or Metric units of measure readouts (specify at ordering)
  • Password protection capable
  • Air filter included, ¾” NPT
  • Air Usage ____ CFM @ 60 PSI at __ cycles per minute.  Supply @ 100psi with 3/4”+ diameter line minimum,
  • Single exhaust port with muffler-filter; or for connection to discharge line from room

Owner’s manual (1 copy) with operation instructions, maintenance information, recommended spares list, schematics, Atlas Vac calibration document and Atlas Vac PLC programs on CD ROM.  Sealer is ready for operation upon connection to air and electric power; air filter included.  Any additional FAT, or other documents and procedures, may require additional charge based on scope and hours needed to complete.

Tooling nests not included, quoted separately.


Auto thermoformed tray feed and placement attachment

Auto product feed and placement attachment, w/verification technologies for count & orientation
Auto card (precut, preprinted) lid stock feed and placement attachment

Bar code inspection systems

Auxiliary labeling systems
Lot code embossing capability
Auto discharge system w/ product orientation for down stream operations
Automatic bulk packaging from discharge
Tri-color stacklight of your choice
Stainless steel framework, welded 3/16” rectangular tubing far superior to angle iron and sheet metal, includes stainless steel controls cabinet
Pick-n-place robotics
a)     Mitsubishi Process Control System including Mitsubishi PLC & E300 operator interface, pressure transducer using I/P transmitter for programmed fine pressure control with auto regulator, digital pressure and temperature monitor with alarms. Enhanced screen. 
b)     Seal Parameter Documentation System w/Process Control System including Mitsubishi PLC & E300, intelligent operator with RS 232 output, pressure transducer, alarms and cut-off. Provides channel to serial printer for printing parameter information to labels on every cycle (standard) or to a lot run report (optional). Printer not included (ex Panasonic KX-P1092). Parallel printer port available for HP lasers with upgrade to Mitsubishi E700 operator screen. Bar code imprinting available also.
c)      Pressure setting through PLC using I/P transmitter (included in a & b above)
d)     Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC and PanelView 700 Plus
e)     Network capability, LAN or PC communication, requires option a or b above w/upgrade to Mitsubishi E700 Operator interface, uploads data to client network for reports.
f)       Calibration Services, IQ, OQ, other
g)      Translations of PLC Screens and Manuals
h)     CE rating
i)       Barcode reader & integration